Content marketer partners for data quality

A dynamic content marketing specialist is working with two data analysts to improve its clients data capabilities and direct marketing performance. Lorien Unique has tied up with Blue Sheep and Cyance in a move that reflects the increasing role of data in one-to-one communications.

The partnership involves data quality audits which have been developed by Blue Sheep and Cyance specifically for Lorien Unique’s clients. These assess the quality of data, based on overseas records, blank addresses, suspect addresses, missing or invalid postcodes and duplicates. Data is then cleaned and enhanced to correct errors and enhance the file.

Chris Mott, head of marketing at LU, says: “In the past, the Lorien Unique data team have spent a great deal of time manually cleaning data because, in its original state, the data received has simply been unusable. However now, by partnering and working with Blue Sheep and Cyance on data quality, profiling and enhancement, this pain has been taken away and, critically, they are able to do this important work more accurately, more efficiently and more quickly.”

Mott adds: “Plus, the additional insight that the reports provide is fascinating. And the analysis by SIC code is very interesting, particularly when clients overlay this against their perceptions. As a result, the reports always increase our clients’ understanding of who their customers and prospects really are and highlight important issues relating to data quality. It’s a must do experience for every marketing manager and director.”


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