Controversy surrounds Durex’s first billboard campaign

SSL International is set to court controversy with the launch of the first billboard advertising campaign for its Durex condom brand, expected to break in early May. The &£1m ad campaign for Durex Performa, created by McCann-Erickson Manchester, will include words such as ‘Roger More’, ‘Ejaculater’ and ‘Longer Screw’ – the letters of which are made out of condoms. The ad campaign will carry the strapline: ‘Made to make you last longer’. Durex Performa was initially sold on the internet before being launched through pharmacies early this year. The product claims to contain a small amount of benzocaine cream inside the condom, which reduces sensation and thus delays a man’s climax. Durex marketing controller John Flaherty says: ‘At Durex we want consumers to understand that safe sex can also be good sex with Durex Performa.’


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