Converse uses adblock tech to ‘replace boring parts of the internet’ with its own ads

Nike-owned trainers brand Converse has created a browser extension that uses adblock technology for consumers’ to replace other brands’ digital ads – which it says form the “boring parts of the internet” – with its own branded content.

Video: Converse – The Ticket

The new online platform – dubbed The Ticket – will showcase invitations to 70 live shows across Europe and content such as films, games, GIFs and images for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users.

The Ticket forms part of its Autumn “Sneakers Would” campaign, to promote the launch of the new Converse All Star sneaker collection.

The campaign was created in collaboration with Anomaly Amsterdam and SuperHeroes Amsterdam and will appear throughout the months of September and October across Europe.

Rodney Rambo, Converse All Star vice president of marketing, says: “We’re excited to bring the Converse Sneakers Would experience to Europe. The Chuck Taylor has been a symbol of youthful spontaneity for almost 100 years, and we love that it continues to inspire people to follow their hearts and live in the moment.”

AdBlock software has become increasingly popular in recent years. The AdBlock Plus service alone has been downloaded more than 300 million times worldwide.