Coors poised to appoint Euro marketing director

Coors Brewing International has appointed a dedicated UK marketer for the first time and is on the verge of announcing a European marketing director.

The US brewer set up European headquarters in London in May after ending a six-year joint venture with Scottish Courage and taking over its own marketing.

As part of the new set-up, Bernadette Traynor is to become Coors’ UK marketing manager responsible for Coors Extra Gold, the premium lager, and new product development. Traynor has been marketing manager at Holsten UK where she was responsible for launching Holsten Pure 6, a trendy premium lager with packaging that resembles a ready-to-drink, spirit-based cocktail.

Since May, Coors’ marketing has been overseen by a variety of people brought in from the US. “This will be the first domestic UK marketing position,” says Ken Hehir, Coors’ UK commercial director.

“We will shortly be appointing a European marketing director who will cover all of Europe but be based in London. There’s more to come,” he adds.

Coors’ strategy is to re-establish its brand in the UK after its break with Scottish Courage, which holds competing US lager Miller Genuine Draft in its portfolio.

Scottish Courage retains Coors’ Extra Gold on-trade distribution.


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