Corgi pimps up the volume

The Diary is proud to be a bona fide dirty south soldier and loves nothing more than hanging with his homies in the hood, wearing thugged-out chains and doing thugged- out thangs.

One of the thugged-out thangs that the Dairy likes doing so much is “dropping” the latest “street bangers” through the sound system of a brand-new Cadillac Escalade van, freshly “pimped” by Xzibit.

Sadly the Diary has to stop being thugged-out and must go and have tea at eight o’clock. Watching “Pimp my Ride” on MTV is a rare treat and there’s no such thing as a “whip” of any sort in the Diary household – really, it’s just not worth it in London, you know.

But all that is set to change thanks to Corgi, which has come up with the genius idea of pimping its own model cars with flashing lights, mounting them on speakers you can attach to your iPod, and getting them to bounce around when you play music through them.

The cleverly named iCar, which comes as an Escalade or a Nissan 240SX, is already available in the US and is set to launch over here in the autumn.

Wicked! Now everyone can get krumped and pump tunes from their whip in the privacy of their own room⦠fo’ shizzle.


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