Corgi toys isn’t putting away its collectibles

Your article “Corgi relaunches as mainstream brand” (MW June 9) while accurate in part is misleading in terms of our business direction.

We are, as your article indicates, spending aggressively on new product development to recreate the strong Corgi toy heritage, but this strategy runs alongside the continuing development and growth of our collector business and not at its expense.

We are certainly not “moving away from collectibles”. The truth is quite the contrary and over the next 12 months our collectors will see exciting new releases in existing ranges as well as moves into other collectible categories where we feel confident that the Corgi’s reputation as a collector brand will bring great success.

Our marketing department has two strands, one catering for our collector business, the other for our emerging toy products. This focus and emphasis is designed to ensure that both parts of our business thrive.

I trust that this clarifies our position and reassures our customers and consumers in collectibles and toys that both elements will receive our ongoing support and investment.

David Turner

Managing director

Corgi Europe


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