Correspondents at cross purposes…

I thought I’d point out Adam Chard’s schoolboy error (letters, MW last week) before hundreds of angry Home Counties types beat him up. The Stella Artois Live Film campaign does clearly show a flag, but that’s about it as far as accuracy goes in your report and Mr Chard’s ill-conceived amendment. The flag is not the Scottish Saltire. The cross in the image is yellow, not white. Which means that the flag is of St Albans. As in the city of St Albans (not a small town). And it is flying above St Albans Abbey (not a church, technically). Stella has not made a mistake. In fact, the brand fit is perfect – as any resident will tell you, St Albans is also reassuringly expensive.

Paul Snoxell

Creative partner


London EC1


Law resurfaces with global agency launch

Marketing Week

Andy Law, one the founders of St Luke’s, is launching a global marketing services agency just months after his previous start-up, Boymeetsgirl, went into administration. The agency, Law & Kenneth, is a partnership with the founder of St Luke’s India, Praveen Kenneth. The pair aim to set up a global network of agencies that are […]

Barclaycard campaign marks return to form

Marketing Week

Barclaycard has dropped actress Jennifer Aniston in favour of Absolutely Fabulous comic Jennifer Saunders, who will front a £6m campaign introducing the strapline “Stay Barclaycalm”. Three Bartle Bogle Hegarty-created 40-second ads will air on television later this month. It will be the Barclays-owned card company’s first TV work since the Aniston spots were broadcast in […]


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