Costa shifts tone to reflect market leadership

Costa is aiming to underline its market-leading position with its first television activity in two years that eschews comparisons with rivals in favour of demonstrating people’s passion for its coffee.


The Karmarama created ad stars Costa baristas immersed to their necks in Costa coffee beans singing along to the KISS track ‘I was made for loving you’.

Kevin Hydes, Costa’s marketing director, told Marketing Week previous campaigns that compared the quality of its coffee compared with rivals were “borne of a challenger brand mentality”.

“I felt is that as we’ve become market leaders it’s appropriate to adopt the tone of voice of a market leader and in our advertising be more concerned with what we do, and not worry about what are competitors are doing,” he says.

The TV campaign breaks 5 October and will be backed by Costa’s biggest ever investment in digital marketing. An app that allows fans to recreate the ad with their own photo, similar to the popular festive app ‘Elf Yourself’. Costa will then pick the best 50 consumer videos and create a user generated TV ad starring Costa fans.

Hydes adds: “We should be looking more at how we engage on digital platforms and this is a fun way to do that that also comes back to our core values.”

Costa’s last television ad proved controversial when animal rights groups complained about the use of monkeys in the spot.



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