Could you win the Brand Innovator Award?

Brand innovation is the lifeblood of companies and the importance of ideas and inspiration is recognised by the Marketing Week Engage Awards.

Fiat campaign
Fiat campaign

The Brand Innovator Award will be one of the most hotly contested categories and its significance is highlighted by the award sponsor being Reckitt Benckiser, a very successful company driven by innovation.

Teams or individuals who have devised great products, fantastic services and improved systems and can show measurable success should take this chance to shout about the worth of their work.

We want to hear from large or small businesses as it’s the ideas and inspiration that count. The innovation can be for a new or established brand and can be connected to launches, marketing, repositioning or other initiatives.

The award was carried off by Fiat for the brand’s eco:Drive campaign this year and the car maker set a high benchmark. However, we know there are teams just as driven and visionary that can set the pace for 2012.

There’s still plenty of time to enter the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012 as the deadline is not until January 17. Make a start on your entry online now – go to to begin.

Brand innovation is at the heart of growing business. If you can demonstrate a sweeping success in innovation then enter the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012 category – just click here.