Courage drops Fisher

Axe falls on Courage International chief as Scottish & Newcastle shakes up its export operations

Carol Fisher, Courage International general manager for marketing and commerce, has been made redundant following a reorganisation of the export division by new parent company Scottish & Newcastle.

The two companies’ export divisions have been integrated as a result of S&N’s acquisition of Courage in May.

The new Scottish Courage International division will be headed by Richard Keith, and based in Edinburgh. S&N finance and administration manager John MacKerron has been appointed finance director for the division.

A spokesman for the company says: “The commercial and marketing function will change in the new structure, so Fisher will leave at the end of October.”

It is understood that Keith will be responsible for commercial and marketing issues in the new structure.

Fisher joined Courage International in April last year from Holsten, where she was marketing director (MW April 28, 1994). Fisher was replaced by Philip Plowman, Courage marketing controller for Foster’s.

Fisher has yet to find another position. She says: “I am looking for work in the international area – it could be something creative.”

The post of project and planning manager at Courage International, held by Andy Hall, is also to be scrapped. The company says that it is looking for other opportunities for Hall within the organisation.

The integration of the two export divisions is one of the first moves made by S&N since it acquired Courage and formed the combined Scottish Courage business.


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