Courage prepares UK push for tequila slammer drink

Scottish Courage is preparing for a national roll-out of its pre-packaged tequila and lemon flavoured drink, Slamba.

Slamba, sold in a 250ml can inside a 440ml clear plastic container, used to hold the drink while it is slammed, is available in selected city-centre bars across the country.

The “can in a slam container” allows drinkers to recreate the popular slam-and-drink ritual traditionally associated with tequila, and easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the can.

Scottish Courage plans to launch Slamba in the off-trade sector on a national scale in spring this year.

Slamba is the brewer’s second venture into the pre-packaged sector and follows the relaunch of Castaway, a tropical fruits and wine drink, in 1999.

Originally launched in 1985, Castaway was redesigned to target 18to 34-year-old women and to help it compete with other brands in the flavoured alcohol carbonates sector.

The pre-packaged sector, which includes brands such as Bacardi Breezer, Metz and Smirnoff Ice, is the fastest-growing alcoholic drinks category according to AC Nielsen.


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