Cowpie’s fast-living, not slow-moving

BMP DDB’s joint managing director Chris Cowpe is not someone colleagues and close friends might immediately associate with the words “ascetic lifestyle” and “fitness”.

Charismatic “Cowpie”, as he is known within the agency, is more associated with his taste for the good life, and is generally regarded as one of adland’s most enduring heavy smokers.

Imagine the industry’s shock, and genuine concern, when a rumour circulated that Cowpe was going to run the London Marathon. Then imagine the reaction when it turned out to be true.

Cowpe, who is taking part to raise money for WaterAid, and has been training hard for his 26-mile run, has been wise enough to take the extra precaution of having his son and daughter run alongside him to keep his spirits up.

The Diary urges people to get in contact with Cowpe for one of two reasons: either talk some sense into the man, or pledge some money


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