Crafty case of brand promotion

In reporting the crafty activities of agencies in pushing products in TV sponsorships, you fail to reveal your own product placement agenda (“ITC moves to shore up sponsor rules”, MW October 7). You mention Cadbury’s Flake in one sentence and go on to James Bond in the next. Surely this a clear example of product promotion: Flakes were Bond’s favourite chocolate (as revealed in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service).

Tony Quinn

Head of publishing

Watford School of Publishing

West Herts College



Sky provides a digital solution

Marketing Week

What’s the fairest way of providing those who live in flats with digital TV: forcing them to adopt either Sky or ONdigital, or letting people choose for themselves? (MW letters October 21). The Confederation of Aerial Industries states that about 90 per cent of blocks will need some modification to receive digital terrestrial TV. But […]

Scottish Courage prepares for McEwans campaign as sales drop

Marketing Week

Brewing giant Scottish Courage is understood to be reviewing creative work for a new McEwans project. Roster agencies TBWA, Faulds and CDP are preparing to pitch for the business. Little has been spent on advertising McEwans lager since a £10m relaunch in 1997. Its market share – once as high as 17 per cent – […]


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