Cravendale ties up with Thomson for voucher promotion

Cravendale, the country’s biggest milk brand, is pushing the message that it stays fresh for up to 21 days unopened by giving away vouchers to Thomson holidaymakers.

The vouchers form part of Cravendale’s Buy Before You Fly campaign and will be included in Thomson invoice packs. Eighty thousand vouchers are being given away entitling the bearer to a free one-litre carton of Cravendale milk. Distribution starts on June 16 and runs throughout the summer.

Louise Allen, assistant brand manager for Cravendale, says: “We know that the first thing people want when they get back home from a long flight is a good cup of tea. We are offering vouchers to 80,000 holidaymakers to ensure they can stock up on Cravendale milk before they go away safe in the knowledge that their milk will still be fresh on their return.”

Cravendale is one of dairy giant Arla’s brands. It started the year with a television ad push created by Wieden + Kennedy using a time traveller theme. It has also used voucher door drops to push sales.

According to Nielsen figures, it is the biggest milk brand in the UK, with sales of £152.5m for the year to April 17.

Cravendale uses a filtering process to remove more of the bacteria that turns milk sour without changing the flavour in the way long-life milk created with the UHT process does.



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