Creatives’ ‘Buddies’ bring out the darkside

buddyIf you’ve happened to notice the creative types in your agency grasping permanent markers, grinning evilly and chatting at length about, and quite possibly to, their new “Buddy” even though there is no one else in sight, fear not, they haven’t been sniffing the pen but are just taking part in Carbon Marketing’s campaign to raise awareness of the UK launch of Sharpies.

Being a significant part of the write-anywhere pen’s target market, members of the creative industry were sent a small figure-shaped pen holder – a Buddy – and set of pens and asked to decorate it however they saw fit.

What Carbon wasn’t anticipating was the Buddies acting as a canvas for the Mr Hydes of those who received them and the majority of them were decorated as monsters, such as senior designer at One Two One Steven Fewings’ Mummy Buddy pictured below.

Other, less scary, elements of Carbon’s campaign in-clude a roadshow, which includes a 3m-high Buddy that the agency hopes will be written on by over 1 million people during the tour.


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