Creativity may be a false idol

Your cover story, ‘Swimming against the tide of received wisdom’ (MW 5 January), explored the need to unleash the power of creativity to drive growth in stagnant markets and to employ more people at board level who truly understand human behaviour.

While intuitively I applaud this, I’m critically aware that we run the risk of being seduced by our own overconfidence in the power of creativity to predict future success.

Similarly, when Phil Rumbol cites ‘intuitive originality’ over ‘analytical mastery’ as the key to competitive advantage, I would argue that ‘intuition’ is rarely to be trusted, unless it is from an expert, and is often simply ‘recognition’ of certain cues from years of past experience.

As an industry, we have to get away from the obsession of polarity. Pinning all your hopes on creative magic dust, or innovation, or analytics, is no more likely to bring you success than blind luck.

Chris Pearce
Chief client officer



Price cutting will lead to failure

Marketing Week

Price discounting will not be enough to succeed in another challenging year for retailers. John Lewis’s record Christmas sales show that offering value, rather than discounting, will be retailers’ saviour in 2012 (‘Marketers stress importance of offering value in 2012’). If high street retailers rely on discount-only strategies, they will leave themselves open to attacks […]


P&G to invest $5m in youth sports schemes

Rosie Baker

Procter & Gamble is to use sales from brands such as Pampers, Gillette and Pantene to fund a $5m (£3.3m) investment in youth sport initiatives around the world as part of its long-term partnership with the Olympic Games.