Crimes of fashion

According to Oyster Partners, staff at new media agencies are not renowned for their dress sense. So to help them, Oyster has come up with “RFID” (radio frequency identity) tags, smaller than a grain of rice and requiring no external power source.

One of its clients already uses the tags to track clothes through its supply chain, but Oyster claims to have found a better use: tracking clients’ dress codes so that staff are never too scruffy. By insinuating tags into clients’ clothing, it claims it can tell what clients are wearing as they approach, so that “Smarten Up In Time” teams can tidy up staff’s appearance. Warming to its theme, Oyster says it is working on “Physical Brand Protection” tags which will make certain garment combinations “incompatible”.

With March already over, let’s hope this new technology can be put into socks and sandals before the British summer kicks in.



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