Criticism looks academic

If Philip Kotler is quoted correctly in your news story, it seems to be a classic case of an academic saying what he thinks rather than studying empirical evidence.

TV advertising works. It does not always work very well. It is often not profitable (short, medium and long term). It is sometimes done when there is no commercial reason to justify it. But if “works” is defined as changing consumer behaviour, then there is absolutely no doubt that TV advertising does work.

The IPA has a large number of case studies showing where it works very well, and we at Ohal have a large number showing where it works at many levels of effectiveness.

When Kotler goes on to say that “marketing needs to become more rigorous, accountable and creative”, it is so obvious that it’s like saying “police should catch more criminals” or “doctors should cure more patients”.

Maybe his talk was PR-based to sell his book. If so, it may work because I will buy it on the basis that it may be as funny as Tom Sharpe and as fictional as Harry Potter.

Paul Baker

Managing director


London SE3


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