CRM is a third party word

Although there is much justified excitement related to new digital and mobile touchpoints, the volume of data that can be collected is very intimidating. Managing it in-house requires an important investment in technology and staff. Investing in data analysis is all well and good, but frequently the volume of data often makes it difficult for organisations to quickly identify the way forward.

Outsourced partners, however, are making a living out of their technology. By partnering with a third party, years of experience and highlyspecialised staff are no longer the responsibility of the client, which can significantly reduce costs

and implementation time. As customers are thirsting for multichannel contact, businesses cannot consider arbitrarily reducing touch-points. Establishing a relationship with a third-party specialist, on the other hand, can prove to be an effective and immediate solution.

Richard Higginbotham, Marketing manager, CDMS


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