Crummy slogan galls the gals

Marketing folk “up North” have really used their loaf to provide a few crumbs of comfort for pre-menstrual women.

A new functional, hormone-rich bread from William Jackson Bakery of Hull claims to “ease pre-menstrual tension”.

The company has cannily targeted a slice of the market not previously toasted as rampant consumers.

But William Jackson could have tried harder to butter-up prospective customers so they part with their dough by dreaming up a catchy brand name which promotes the loaf’s health properties.

Instead, those no-nonsense, white bread folk from the North-east have come up with a straightforward – if not blunt – slogan: “Brown loaf for women.”

Sharp and to the point, or a half-baked idea? As ironically unimaginative as Ronseal’s “It does what it says on the tin” strapline? Or will it soon be followed by “Granary – for grans who can’t go?”


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