CSR website launches to restore trust in Cadbury

Cadbury is launching a corporate social responsibility brand and website that aims to engage consumers, in an attempt to recover its reputation as a trusted British brand.

The new branding, which has been created by social enterprise consultancy GoodBrand & Company, follows a difficult time for the confectionery giant. Its corporate standing has been damaged by a series of setbacks including a salmonella contamination and a racism row sparked by Trident chewing gum advertising.

The Dear Cadbury brand launches on November 7 and a spokesman says the company wants to make its voice heard by people who do not have contact with its CSR policies. The website will target consumers, schools and Cadbury employees.

Cadbury says the website shows it is serious about engaging with the public and that it sees sustainability as part of its long-term strategy. It also aims to add “meaning” to its aim of “creating brands people love”.

Cadbury global affairs director Alex Cole says: “We have created an interactive asset that reaches beyond responsible investors and analysts. Dearcadbury.com is about sharing our views and contributing to the public debate on ethical sourcing, responsible consumption and the environment.”

Peter Askew, partner at GoodBrand & Company, says: “Brands and corporations are using more creative methods and more focused media channels to compete for credibility in this (CSR) area.”


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