Currys PC World: Snapchat allows us to do more than just add noise to a news feed

Currys PC World has launched its first campaign through Snapchat as it aims to target and inspire millennials on their technology purchases.

The campaign, which was designed by 1000heads and launched in partnership with Microsoft, tells the story of the latter’s laptop and tablet hybrid product the Surface3. The #BestofBoth Snapchat campaign will share picture examples of when the product can enhance the daily life of students.

Bridget Meiring , social media manager at Currys PC World’s, said the brand has noticed a shift among its younger customers towards Snapchat.

She told Marketing Week: “Generally we have noticed there is a real shift in the way people communicate on social to instantaneous and mobile first image and video based channels.

“It is efficient for us to offer unique story based marketing to students on Snapchat rather than trying to force unnatural behaviours or simply add to the noise in their newsfeeds.”

Meiring says there are plans to expand the number of products it features within the #BestofBoth but any additions will be student orientated.

She added: “We like that Snapchat is providing brands with opportunities to tell unique stories and we’re certainly open to working with them more in the future as the app really does resonate with our younger consumers.”

Currys PC World follows Wimbledon in brands turning to Snapchat with the tennis tournament claiming that the app’s new geofilter ads can ‘offer fans the next best thing to being at a match.’

Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel believes targeted ads are a thing of the best and that the app can fill the gap.

He said recently: “In the early days of Internet advertising, marketers relied on things like targeting to differentiate ad products that weren’t very engaging. We’re proving that there’s another way.”

At Cannes 2015, Snapchat announced it was teaming up with the advertising conglomerate WPP and the Daily Mail website to form a new company, called Truffle Pig, that will create social content for brands.