Curtis Hoy picks up Two Way TV launch task

Two Way TV has appointed promotions specialist Curtis Hoy to work on the consumer launch of the interactive TV system now scheduled for June.

“Curtis Hoy’s brief is to devise activities including a roadshow and joint promotions with Radio Rentals and Granada to boost sales,” Two Way TV sales and marketing head Peter Cowie says.

Two Way TV, which began technical trials in October, offers viewers a new way to interact with TV shows through technology using a standard TV aerial created by Interactive Network in the US (MW October 14).

A selection of options appear on screen and viewer responses are relayed back to Two Way TV headquarters via telephone.

Cowie adds that following technical tests, the system goes live in 350 homes in the south of the Central TV area next month.

Equinox Communications, working with Saatchi & Saatchi, is also involved in the project. According to Equinox projections, Two Way TV could achieve two per cent penetration of UK households by March 1996.

But this figure would rise to 12 per cent by 2000 and 36 per cent by 2005, assuming 61 per cent of consumers are fairly likely to acquire the system, as indicated by SRU research last May.


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