How customer data can help businesses rebound quicker

Find out how brands in sectors affected by Covid-19 can use customer data to keep up-to-date with trends transforming buying behaviour.

customer data

If customer data was a valuable asset prior to the Covid-19 crisis, in the aftermath this data’s potential value is rising exponentially. For the foreseeable future, there’s no such thing as ‘business as usual’ for affected businesses as the implications of lockdowns, social distancing and the economic fallout unfold.

The fluidity of consumers’ behaviour and their expectations will compel companies to re-analyse their customer data to better understand their customer’s needs, in order to tailor communications and interventions that are relevant to each individual customer. Getting this right will result in immediate top-line revenue growth.

In this online Q&A, we’ll explain how retailers, travel, insurance companies and financial services organisations can use their customer data to create a competitive advantage – using relevant and current insights to maximise campaign effectiveness and offer customer experience that’s apt for the future. And we’ll also examine what they need to do to get to that point.

Join Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons, Woolworths South Africa head of customer Charlene van Zyl, Hiscox global brand director Annabel Venner and WNS Global Services senior vice-president of data and analytics Brian Burchfield – and ask them how customer data can make the difference to your brand’s growth in the wake of the pandemic.

Click here to register and watch the session live at 3pm BST on Thursday 25 June, or to stream on-demand after the event.