CWC to unveil branded phones

Cable & Wireless Communications is to launch a range of branded telephones, the first time it has diversified into consumer products.

Cable & Wireless Communications is to launch a range of branded telephones, the first time it has diversified into consumer products.

The CWC branded phones, which include digital cordless, cordless, digital answering system and fixed line telephones, are to be unveiled on November 24.

The range, which features the Cable & Wireless globe logo, will be available in high-street outlets including Dixons, Currys, Comet, Radio Rentals and Argos.

Argos is already promoting the range with a double-page spreads in its in-store Christmas flyer, Argos Plus, alongside a holiday competition in conjunction with CWC.

The Argos flyer features seven phones which vary in price from 13.99 for the CWP 100 fixed line phone to 119 for the CWD digital cordless phone, which can be used within one kilometre of the home.

CWC consumer channel director Gary Phillips says field marketing teams will be employed in retail stores to help train staff to sell the products.

CWC offers most of the services which its rival, BT, offers – mobile, international, corporate, Internet and, from next year, digital TV. But until now, it has had no consumer products of its own, unlike its competitor.

CWC has been concentrating on building an homogenous brand since it was created out of the merger of four telecoms and cable companies 18 months ago.


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