Daily deals debate

The news that Groupon is not signing up to new code of conduct for the daily deals industry sparked much comment. Read the story here and comment extracts below:

It appears that, as in most industries, the big boys think they are too important to mix with the minnows. The sad fact is that their presence is needed for it be effective.

Great to know that daily deal sites are being regulated, if only to increase trust and loyalty between consumers and their suppliers.

I run a site that offers discounted deals for families and although we have a strong following, the likes of the bigger players, whose reputations paint them as an acquisition business, can tar us all with the same brush. I welcome this code and will be signing right up.
V L Lancaster, Mini Social

In general the daily deals model has some major flaws – the sites offer 50% off to try to build word of mouth but the reality is that brands could get so much more by focusing the largest discounts on the biggest social influencers. SocialLadder, for example, enables local merchants to target offers at social influencers. The more influential you are, the bigger the discount.
Sam Armstrong


PR’s effectiveness should also be seen in sales leads

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Why was there not a mention of PR’s impact on sales in your article about the need for the PR industry to measure the outcomes of campaigns, not just the outputs? Levels of awareness and positive perception are metrics of value to a marketer, but do they sufficiently illustrate the PR’s effectiveness, especially to the […]

Tomorrow’s stars put to test

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It would be good to know how the Marketing Academy scholars’ psychometric reports compare with the Diagonal Thinking Self-Assessment. This is a free online test, launched in 2008, and its data reveals that only 10% of the population are ‘diagonal thinkers’ and achieve top scores in both the linear and lateral exercises. A five-year study […]

Tesco coupon U-turn

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I think it is a bit rich for Tesco CEO Philip Clarke to be banging the anti-coupon drum when Tesco is forever running heavy price discounting and bogofs. Are we supposed to feel sympathy because for once Tesco is on the back foot and having to stump up the cost of paying for more promotions […]