Daisy Group signed as B2Group launch partner

Integrated voice and data provider Daisy Group has signed a sector-exclusive deal for lead generation from B2Group’s national business census. It is the first fully-contracted partner for the B2B lead and customer creation business, which is rolling out the SME Census as a continuous telephone survey of three million small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.

Stuart Cordingley of Daisy Group says: “Consistent with our ambitious growth plans, we are partnering with B2Group to complement our lead generation programme, helping to drive the business’s organic expansion. We have worked hard with B2 to ensure the customer acquisition process is as smooth as possible.”

The deal underlines the new business model which B2 is bringing to the B2B data sector. Under CEO Jeremy Whitaker, the company will offer lead-to-customer services driven from the business census data set. Contracts will be exclusive within each sector.

Jeremy says: “The traditional model of data-driven marketing, through list rental and cold-calling, is broken. In these tough economic times, UK businesses are looking to outsource more of the customer acquisition process to improve ROI and reduce fixed costs.”

He adds: “B2Group is about to change the way our clients generate new business. Using our proprietary database, collated over the last two years from more than 90 sources, we will be conducting the UK’s first-ever comprehensive telephone survey of the hard-to-reach SME sector. This exercise will enable us to deliver market leadership and improved ROI for our chosen sector-exclusive B2B partners.”


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