Danone seeks growth in UK’s water market

Danone Waters is investing a significant marketing spend in educating consumers about the need to drink two litres of water a day. The campaign, which will run next year, aims to increase the company’s household penetration.

The bottled water market is growing as demand for healthy soft drinks increases. Industry sources say that the market is growing by 30% a year but this is among existing water drinkers rather than new customers.

It is understood that only about 40% of the population regularly buys a bottle of water as their preferred soft drink compared to about 90% who regularly buy flavoured carbonates as their first choice.

Danone will start a year of non-stop campaigning in January to highlight the detox and health benefits of water and to explain what happens to the human body when it is dehydrated.

One industry insider says: “Danone has the two top selling bottled water brands in the country in Evian and Volvic, and will be working hard throughout 2007 to get more people switching from other drinks to water.

He adds that the company is keen to encourage households to switch from tap to bottled water.

The French food and drink company will not be developing new campaigns for either Evian or Volvic but will increase the visibility of both brands across the year.

Guy Pelabon, managing director for Danone Waters UK was recently replaced by Nick Kryzaniak, who was promoted from elsewhere within the group (MW October 19).


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