Dashboards – the unsung hero of marketing

In a typical organisation with two million customers, it is hard to measure each unique customer. The problem with this is that every customer wants to believe that they are unique. If you are a marketer, then you can manage groups of customers identified by common purchasing behaviour or demographics.

Marketers need to appreciate dashboards more. A dashboard can smooth the process and boost responses within the system – it’s vital that this (sometimes overlooked) marketing tool is used in these challenging times. Facts and concerns about a customer are immediately presented and customers can expect a greater amount of care when an organisation is using dashboards.

Key Performance Indicators can be implemented to provide measurement, and these are compared over time to identify changes and trends in customer behaviour. Customer behaviour can change in an instant for a whole host of reasons – trying to monitor this without help would be a disaster. Technology must be utilised to its full capacity for all marketing campaigns at the moment and dashboards should be one of the key
components of this.

Rob Williams, Senior consultant, SmartFOCUS


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