Data privacy: the third way

Regarding your ‘Privacy: for whose eyes only?’ article ( into the likely impacts of looming stringent EU legislation, we need an alternative way forward; a collective effort at self-regulation that both prepares organisations for the impending regulations and demonstrates action to your customer base.

This is why the Market Research Society (MRS) has launched a consumer data privacy mark, called Fair Data. Its aim is to become an instantly recognisable standard that tells people their personal information will be treated ethically and fairly.

Jane Frost CBE, CEO of MRS

Ethical data handling can give competitive pitch

There is a window of opportunity for brands that wish to position themselves as ethical custodians of consumers’ data, as your privacy article shows by the millions who have visited Making an early play for consumer confidence can give a competitive advantage, particularly as consumer expectations rise and regulation comes into force.

But this shouldn’t be seen as just another marketing opportunity – consumers will quickly see beyond empty promises so only brands able to deliver should attempt this.

Nick Tusler, data operations director, TMW

Manifesto is a call to arms

Your Marketing Manifesto ( highlights just how digital and data platforms have revolutionised marketing. Since harnessing (and deriving meaning from) behavioural data, marketers have been able to make tangible, revenue-driving decisions.

One of the areas we see marketers bringing their expertise to the fore is in being able to strategise at a high level and bring the customer experience to the fore in the drive for revenue. These ‘Big Marketers’ are here to make a difference.

Jon Baron, CEO, TagMan