David Beckham kicks Kylie from celeb top spot

David Beckham has been named the most powerful celebrity, replacing Kylie Minogue in the top spot, according to Millward Brown’s quarterly celebrity and brand (Cebra) research.

Beckham scored highly on all of the measures of celebrity power including buzz, positive role model, familiarity and likeability moving up from third place.

The Cebra research also includes a rating for marketability and aims to help marketers and media agencies identify celebrities and brand partnerships with the greatest marketplace potential by making it easier to find positive and relevant associations for their brands.

Cheryl Cole, formerly in second place, appears to have fallen from grace sipping to eighth.

Stephen Fry emerged as the most likably celebrity and Joanna Lumley, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren are the most positive role models, dislaying a trend towards older women.

Amy Winehouse, Katie Price and Ashley Cole were revealed as the most negative role model.

DB is the most marketable celebrity and has previously endorsed products including EA Sports, Yahoo! and Adidas.

Mark Husak, media development director, Millward Brown Europe, says: “Beckham’s outgoing, calm, straightforward and sensible personality combined with the polished image that broke many of the stereotypes about male sophistication and grooming would make him a good match for brands such as Avon, Nivea and Starbucks.”

Cebra interviewed 2,000 UK consumers about 100 celebrities and 100 brands to identify the 10 most powerful celebrities and brand partnerships.

The top ten celebrities

1) David Beckham (3)
2) Ant & Dec (4)
3) Kylie Minogue (1)
4) Will Smith (20)
5) Lewis Hamilton (14)
6) Judi Dench (12)
7) Joanna Lumley (5)
8) Cheryl Cole (2)
9) Jamie Oliver (7)
10) Gary Lineker (n/a)


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