DCM champions cinema advertising with new idents

Cinema sales house DCM is launching a new campaign to promote the value of cinema advertising now it has rolled out digital technology to all its contracted exhibitors.


The company, which is jointly owned by Odeon and Cineworld, has created three new promotional films to highlight the emotive power of cinema and DCM’s new brand identity. These will run on more than 3000 cinema screens before feature films.

The idents are designed to engage the cinema audience and “prime them for the advertising and the main feature”, says a spokeswoman.

They are based around three emotions, Amazement, Laughter and Suspense, and the use of digital technology means cinemas can plan to screen them by film, genre, time of day and target audience.

The idents have been developed with consultancy Fearlessly Frank, which is working on an internal and external programme to reposition DCM as a vital digital media platform.

The company’s marketing director, Zoe Jones, says: “Our new brand identity was created to represent the dynamic creative possibilities offered by cinema advertising. Tapping into the emotional power of the movies enables us to express this on the big screen through the first of a series of short films that we hope will not only entertain cinema-goers across the UK but also show, rather than tell, how our digital transition enables deeper audience engagement through dynamic planning.”

UK cinema box office takings were up 5.9 per cent in 2012 year on year to £1,099,095,773, while admissions were up 0.5 per cent, driven by films such as Avengers Assemble, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall, according to the Cinema Exhibitors Association.




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