DCMS appoints panel for The Digital Britain Report

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has appointed a panel of industry experts to advise on The Digital Britain Report. It will also help to develop a plan to further the UK digital economy.

It will include Dr Tanya Byron (pictured); Francesco Caio, the chairman of Nomura International; Barry Cox, chairman of the Digital Radio Working Group; Matthew d’Ancona, editor of The Spectator; and former ITV commercial chief Ian McCulloch.

The panellists will provide advice on their particular area of expertise and overall strategy. An interim report is due in January next year with the comprehensive plan expected in the Spring.

The Digital Britain Report aims to look at a variety of concerns that affect internet users, such as security, and develop content standards. Stephen Carter, minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, says: “Fully embracing a digital future is a must for any successful knowledge economy.”


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