DD Beverages seeks less offensive name after Beaver Buzz warnings

DD Beverage Company is being forced to change the name of its energy drink, Beaver Buzz, after retailers warned the company its name would be offensive to UK consumers.

It is understood that it is considering a number of other names including British Bulldog, as the company looks at targeting a young male British demographic. It is believed that at least one major supermarket has agreed to list the product if the name is changed.

Beaver Buzz, which has proved successful in Canada contains caffeine, taurine, Siberian ginseng, vitamins and Guarana seed extract, but it is different to many existing energy drinks as it has several different flavours. It is available in 500ml cans.

The energy and sports drink sector is bucking the trend of declining sales across carbonated soft drinks but it has become increasingly competitive following a raft of product launches.

Coca-Cola has two new products – a variant of its Relentless brand, called Inferno, and enhanced-water brand Glaceau, which it acquired when it bought US drinks company Energy Brands.

Barr Soft Drinks, the maker of Irn-Bru, is bringing US energy drink Rockstar to the UK later this year in an effort to grab market share from leader Red Bull (MW October 11).