De Beers pushes design credentials in first brand campaign for five years

De Beers is launching its first brand campaign for five years as it shift focus away from talking about product to highlight the brand’s credentials in diamond design and the ‘natural beauty’ of its collections.

The campaign launches this week across print, digital and social. For the first time since 2009 it will feature a model, Andreea Diaconu, photographed by Mary McCartney wearing items from its new “Aria” collection of jewellery.

De Beers’ marketing director Jennie Farmer says De Beers has focused on product advertising for the past few years. However, she says the brand is now looking to reconnect emotionally with customers with the launch of the new collection and focus on the beauty of its diamonds.

“De Beers is about revealing the natural beauty of diamonds and of women so with the new campaign we wanted to showcase the natural brilliance of our diamonds. We hope people will be inspired and see the soul of the De Beers brand,” she says.

To engage customers, De Beers will be running social media activity that asks people to share their ideas of natural beauty with the hashtag #naturalbrilliance. It has also enlisted the help of bloggers to push its design credentials.

Francois Delage, De Beers’ CEO, says the new campaign marks an “important step” in building its brand to appeal to a contemporary audience and reinforce its position as “The jeweller of light”.

Last year, it launched an iPad app that let customers compare the different styles, cuts and weights of diamonds using proprietary technology dubbed Iris aimed at making diamond buying a more personal experience and opening it up to new customers.


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