Dead Terrorist ad ruled not offensive

An advert featuring ventriloquist dummy “Achmed, the Dead Terrorist” has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority, following claims it was racist.


The advert for ringtones from Fox Mobile Distribution features American ventriloquist Jeff Dunham and his dummy Achmed, the Dead Terrorist.

The ringtones include phrases from Dunham’s act such as: “Silence! I kill you”, “Stop touching me” and “Knock knock. Who’s there? Me. I Kill you.”

A viewer complained that the ad for was offensive and racist towards Muslims.

Fox Mobile says that the puppet is a “well-known” comedy character and the ad does not refer to Achmed as either a terrorist or being Muslim.

The ad watchdog ruled that the ad was “unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence” because “at no time did the ad make any reference to terrorism or the Islamic faith”.

The ASA recognised that Dunham’s act touched on the theme of terrorism which may be deemed distasteful by some viewers.



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