Dealing with IT and web teams is the top challenge for marketers

Problems dealing with IT teams and a lack of time, resources and money to optimise campaigns are among the top “pain points” for marketers according to new research by Econsultancy and SmartFocus.

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In their ongoing effort to engage with consumers’ changing behaviours, marketers are facing new challenges in using data and technology effectively according to the report.

The survey of over 500 client-side marketers, conducted earlier this year, ranked 17 “pain points” experienced by modern marketers by giving them a “migraine rating”.

The biggest issue facing respondents was dealing with IT and web development teams, with 54% calling them a “major bottleneck”.

Meanwhile, nearly half (47%) of respondents claimed they have no time to “test and optimise campaigns”.

Not having the time, budget or IT resources to develop a “single customer view” was also an issue for 42% of marketers, with 41% claiming they don’t have enough of a budget or that their budget is decreasing.

Meanwhile the multichannel world is also taking its toll with 41% of respondents stating that they can’t keep track of customers “across different channels on different devices”.

Bola Awoniyi, research analyst at Econsultancy said: “The increased connectivity of the consumer really has created a multitude of opportunities for marketers but the workload and array of challenges has become greater.”



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