Debenhams uses Facebook Credits to reward engagement

Debenhams has launched a campaign giving Facebook Credits to customers that “Like” its page or sign up to newsletters.



Debenhams is one of the first brands to use Facebook Credits outside of a social gaming context and is hoping the Credits reward will help it boost regular customer interaction with the brand.

For a limited, but unspecified, time each new customer that signs up to receive emails or Likes the brand will get Credits via virtual rewards company ifeelgoods.

Debenhams says it decided to use Facebook Credits as a reward because companies such as Channel 5 were broadening the ways in which credits could be spent, beyond just social gaming.

Channel 5 last month announced it would be using Facebook credits to allow voting on Facebook for its Big Brother series, which launched last week.

Jane Exon, head of brand and advertising at Debenhams said, “We have been watching closely the success of Facebook Credits, and now it is opened up to a more mainstream audience outside of just gamers, we wanted to be able to give our customers something back as a thank you.”

Debenhams has also launched a new ratings and reviews service on its Facebook page for its loyalty card scheme for beauty, Debenhams Beauty Club. The service allows people to read reviews and rate products, while also allowing customers to click through to buy each product on the Debenhams website.

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