Deceased data sources switch as market speeds up

Deceased data: New sources and quicker turnaround
Deceased data: New sources and quicker turnaround

Mortascreen has gained exclusive rights to deceased data captured by Lifecycle Marketing, ending an eight-year supply relationship the latter had with The REaD Group’s Bereavement Register. At the same time, The Bereavement Register has reached agreement with ITC Legal Services to offer opt-in to TBR when they close bank accounts.

Lifecycle Marketing collects deceased records through distribution of opt-in forms via 90 per cent of UK register offices. This generates up to 50,000 deceased names each month, representing around 95 per cent of all UK deaths. This increases coverage of the Mortascreen file to 8,314,345 records, 28 per cent of which also appear on TBR.

Chris Worsley, product director, Mortascreen says: “We are very excited to be chosen as the preferred partner. This new data feed will bolster our already very robust deceased suppression offering. Most importantly however, we believe this partnership will have a fundamental impact on the direct marketing industry. Crucially, it means marketers are now able to get the best of deceased data from one supplier.”

The Bereavement Register has brought opt-ins online from ITC Legal Services which provides bereavement services to the financial services industry. This data source was previously unavailable and is exclusive.

“Account closures are the ultimate data source of death notifications – they are fast, accurate and fully verified,” says The REaD Group’s chief executive Mark Roy. “The Bereavement Register has been able to maintain its integrity by ensuring that all registrations continue be fully opted-in, while at the same time improving the speed and robustness of our data delivery.”


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