Del Monte repackages to shift brand quicker

Tinned fruit producer Del Monte is planning to repackage some of its ranges in plastic for storage in the fridge to encourage consumers to eat its products more quickly.

The company hopes that by moving its brand name into the fridge, consumption will rise because its products will be seen more regularly than when packaged in tins and kept in a cupboard.

The fruit ranges are expected to come mixed in either a plastic beaker with a lid or in a twin-pack of single portion plastic dishes with lids, and wrapped in Del Monte branded card.

Retailers will be encouraged to store the new Del Monte range in their chiller cabinets. The company is also understood to be considering repackaging its Fruitini tinned fruit snack desserts in transparent plastic.

One supermarket buyer says: “It’s a reaction to the fruit pots made by Del Monte’s rival Dole, which can be chilled and come in clear plastic.

“Fruitini is aimed at kids and has a ringpull, but parents won’t put it in their lunch boxes for fear that young children could hurt their fingers when opening the tins,” he adds.

He also thinks that plastic pots would help to reactivate the long-life fruit market and make it appeal to a younger age profile.


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