Del Monte to axe 185 staff at Just Juice

Del Monte Royal Foods, the fruit produce and beverages company, is to buy the Just Juice business, but will not employ the marketing team.

Sales and marketing director Andrew Leslie, marketing manager Andrew Rushworth and product manager Kristina Williams are among 185 employees whose jobs will be axed.

The Just Juice Company, a subsidiary of RHM Foods, will continue to produce Just Juice until next March when the 10.5m deal with Del Monte is scheduled for completion. Del Monte will then move production to its own plant in Kings Lynn.

A spokeswoman for Just Juice says: “There are 185 employees of the Just Juice Company and they are all affected one way or another.”

A statement from Just Juice says that the decision to sell the business stems from “unfavourable market forces which Just Juice, a small player in the highly competitive juice market, cannot overcome”.

Del Monte will acquire Just Juice, De L’Ora, Energen and One-Cal and other ancillary brands as part of the deal.

Vivian Imerman, chief executive and chairman of Del Monte Foods, says: “The addition of the Just Juice business allows us to advance our position in the market.

“It fits well within the Del Monte portfolio of brands and we look forward to working with existing and new customers and partners to develop the business.”

By taking over the production of Just Juice, Del Monte will almost double the output at the Kings Lynn factory from 65 million litres to 120 million litres.


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