Delaney loses £8.5m Bestfoods

Bestfoods has switched its Ambrosia and Hellmann’s advertising accounts – with a combined worth of more than &£8.5m – from Delaney Lund Knox Warren to HHCL & Partners and BMP DDB.

The move is believed to be part of a rationalisation aimed at reducing the number of agencies on the company’s roster from three to two.

In December, Bestfoods called a review of its &£4m Hellmann’s Mayonnaise account, and only invited BMP DDB and Delaney Lund to pitch.

News of the move comes just months after Delaney Lund bought itself out of the merged Bozell and FCB networks. One of the reasons given for the buy-out was so that it would not lose the Bestfoods business because of conflicts of interest within the FCB/Bozell network.

HHCL already works on Bestfoods’ Pot Noodles brand. It has now been handed the &£4.5m task of creating ads for all Ambrosia brands, including Creamed Rice and Devon Custard, and Splat! – a range of flavoured custards.

BMP, which handles Marmite, Bovril and Knorr, will be responsible for Hellman’s Dressings and Mayonnaise.

BMP is Bestfoods’ media agency, and is not affected by the changes.

No one at Bestfoods, BMP or HHCL was available for comment.


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