‘Deliveroo is too expensive’, claims Hungryhouse as it switches its slogan

Hungryhouse has introduced a new slogan and Gogglebox-inspired campaign in a bid to steal customers from rivals such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

Hungryhouse today (30 September) launched a ‘reality TV-style’ campaign, which incorporates its new ‘Love Takeaway’ slogan. The campaign aims to move the food platform from a product focused strategy to one that prioritises the customer first.

The brand, which provides a platform for the online ordering of takeaway food in the UK, has moved away from actors by taking ‘normal’ people off the street for the campaign; a move it hopes will create a ‘more authentic’ brand message. In the ads, meanwhile, people discuss topics related to takeaway food including: “which do you prefer to use, chopsticks or a fork?”.

The campaign, which was created by Wordley Productions, will be rolled out across national TV and social channels. It will also be seen as part of Hungry House’s new sponsorship of popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory on E4.

Alice Mrongovius, CEO at Hungryhouse, hopes this sponsorship will help it to target its core audience of younger people and students, as she admits the TV ads have a “similar feel” to reality TV show Gogglebox.

She told Marketing Week: “There can be far too much noise, jingles and music with other takeaway ads. We really don’t need to dress it up. Getting your favourite takeaway is as awesome as it is. Just like our customers, we love a damn good takeaway.”

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Throwing shots at Deliveroo

With options including Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, it isn’t like Brits are short of takeaway options in 2016. And although Mrongovius acknowledges there is currently major competition, she believes there is still room for them all to compete.

She feels it is Hungryhouse’s authenticity which sets it apart from rivals, with London-based services such as Deliveroo being seen as “too expensive”.

“Deliveroo is quite expensive and I think that for the majority of British people it is actually too expensive, in terms of markup menus.”

Alice Mrongovius, CEO, Hungryhouse

She added: “We want to be seen as authentic and accessible”.

When asked how Hungryhouse will keeps up with the impact of new tech such as Facebook Messenger and programmatic on the takeaway market, she concluded: “Programmatic, that was last year’s buzzword. For us personalisation is a really big topic. We are looking at how we can bring knowledge to add value to British customers.

“It is really about connecting our customers with great takeaways in their areas. I don’t see the need to dress that up in some song and dance and pretend we are something that we are not.”