Delivery, not creativity, is root of trust

Your article on Marks & Spencer using its ‘trusted brand’ status to diversify led me to think about what makes brands trusted.

The reputations of BMW, Mercedes, Sony, Apple and Intel are built on mechanical quality and reliability as well as technical innovation; being trusted to deliver excellence consistently rather than fancy creativity.

If they were operating in the events or marketing services industry, they would not make a ‘logistics error’ as did the company providing staff for the Thames Pageant far too early.

For a few years now, corporate procurers of events have focused too heavily on so-called creativity and ignored the skill in delivering organisational excellence and logistical complexity.

Do delegates complain more about an airline’s colour scheme or losing luggage? And the most creative e-shot has the wrong impact if an individual receives it 20 times.

Logistics is the whole skeleton supporting excellence; creative treatment is merely the make-up applied at the end. Buyers and industry award organisers should place greater importance on the ability to deliver complex programmes successfully.

Nigel Cooper
Divisional managing director
P&MM Events & Communications


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