Deloitte goes global with flexible marketing concept

Adaptable concept to communicate consistent message across 142 countries.

Deloitte: Universal concept to speed up campaign roll-outs around the world

Deloitte has prepared its first global marketing concept that can be adapted for bespoke campaigns across the 142 countries in which the professional services firm operates.

The concept, produced by branding consultancy The Partners and integrated agency Muir Howard, has been developed to reduce costs and increase the speed with which campaigns are rolled out.

Jim Prior, managing partner at The Partners, says the concept has been designed to “transcend the boundaries of language and culture that so often inhibit global campaigns”, adding it aims to offer Deloitte “stand-out and consistency” when talking about its services.

Deloitte is to encourage all its member firms to take on the concept in their campaigns following a pilot in the UK and Australia.

The Partners worked on a global rebranding programme for Deloitte in 2007 following the dropping of Touche from its name. The same year, it launched a major UK campaign aimed at building understanding of the breadth and depth of the services it offers.

One of the so-called “big four” accountancy firms, Deloitte is the official professional services provider for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Earlier this week, Deloitte reported a 2% drop in revenues to £1.97bn for the year to 31 May.



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