Deloitte predicts online advertising backlash

Online advertising will face a number of hurdles over the next year, according to Deloitte’s Media Predictions report, published today (January 22). It predicts that consumers will become hostile towards to online advertising, as part of a backlash against behaviour tracking.

This antipathy towards online advertising will not be helped by slowing in the growth of broadband connections in key markets, such as the US and the UK.

Deloitte say that advertisers should offer the user incentives, such as free content, for using online advertising.

The report also says the industry should position online advertising as one part of the media mix within a campaign, not as a lone platform to go head-to-head with traditional media. Competition from traditional media will also rise, with TV bolstered by internet television.

The sector must also watch for greater regulatory pressure as online advertising becomes more successful.


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