Demise of Maison Caurette halts distribution of Sol premium lager

Distribution of premium lager Sol has ceased this week after the closure of UK distributor Maison Caurette.

The brand’s brewer and importer Moctezuma is seeking an alternative company to distribute Sol, as well as premium lager Dos Equis.

But despite the freeze on distribution, Moctezuma is pressing ahead with a 6m pan-European advertising campaign for Sol, which kicked off in the UK with cinema advertisements breaking at the end of March.

Posters break this week through agency Harari Page, and TV ads are also planned. Harari Page denies that the campaign will be delayed until an alternative distributor for Sol is found.

Maison Caurette’s parent company, Dolomore Group, went into receivership last week (MW April 5). Receivers Arthur Andersen’s ef forts to stabilise the company’s supplies and find a buyer have proved unsuccessful. This week, Arthur Andersen closed the company, and made most of its 130 employees redundant.

It will sell off the company’s assets before a creditors’ meeting.

Dolomore distributed Sol, Dos Equis, Tiger and Steinlager, Moosehead and Schlitz as well as a number of wines.


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