Devolving the power of PoP

In response to the article regarding the best way to produce global point-of-purchase (PoP) campaigns (MW April 11), experience from both the global and local schools of thought must be combined to ensure a campaign’s success.

To maintain control of both the integrity of the design and to ensure a single global brand message, there is no better control than to handle the entire design, translation and sourcing centrally. However, without the feedback and support of distributors and retailers in destination countries, the project will indeed founder. An understanding of the variables from country to country is crucial. Consideration must be given, not only to the size and type of retail outlet, but also to any religious, political or economic influences within that region that may affect the design. For instance, a model and dress code that may be acceptable in the West might cause offence in parts of the Middle East.

The strategy that seems to work best, then, is to control centrally, but involve locally. The most effective way to gain implementation is to ask distributors or retailers what material they can actually use. Provision of a list of items, from which they choose the PoP that would work locally for them, allows a package to be tailored to the individual country yet still be managed centrally. PoP packs are then produced to be shipped globally. Alternatively, if it is more cost-effective, supplied artwork can be sent and PoP material printed locally, avoiding import duties.

Kim Priest

Marketing Director

M&K Creative

Hertford SG14



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