Agency Assessments North launches

Marketing Week

Agency Assessments International has launched Agency Assessments North, aimed at businesses in Scotland and the North of England. It will be run by Andy Crummey, formerly head of airtime sales and marketing at BSkyB Scotland.

Now ITV must prove its worth

Marketing Week

There is a view that Patricia Hewitt and the Competition Commission have been craven in imposing such minimal restraints upon a merger between Granada and Carlton. A dozen years of arrogance and serial mismanagement, culminating in the &£1bn ITV Digital fiasco – and this is Michael Green’s and Charles Allen’s reward, say the critics, caustically. […]

Beached buggies

Marketing Week

Dominated – again – by Michael Schumacher, Formula One has been slammed as a test more of viewers’ ability to stay awake than of drivers’ skill behind the wheel.


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