Diageo commits £2.15m to flavoured vodka marketing

Diageo Great Britain (GB) is committing a further £2.15m to Smirnoff flavours activity over the next six months, after Nielsen figures found the drinks have proved a hit with consumers, and are worth over £5m.


The company had already invested £3.65m into marketing Smirnoff Lime and Smirnoff Green Apple since their launches in June 2009, including national radio and online activity, outdoor advertising and a comprehensive below-the-line campaign.

Diageo GB says it wants to continue its focus on the drinks “to provide new ways to drink flavoured vodka, served long and mixed with cola for Smirnoff Lime and with lemonade for Smirnoff Green Apple.”

The campaign will educate consumers about how to drink vodka as a long mixed serve, following research which revealed that many consumers are unsure about what the right mixer with vodka is.

To support this, a sampling campaign is currently running in select stores nationwide to ensure consumers are aware of this perfect serve and how simple it is to re-create at home.

Jo Peat, brand manager for Smirnoff flavours at Diageo GB, says: “This will help ensure [consumers] know what to mix the flavours with and that they have the best possible drinks experience at home, encouraging repeat purchase.”


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